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Market mechanisms

For many years the voluntary market for carbon offsets has been seen as the main avenue for companies to compensate for their GHG emissions, despite attracting its fair share of issues along the way...

So you think you can offset?

With all of the latest craze in emission reductions, it's difficult to decide where to place your company’s cash when trying to mitigate carbon footprint.

ClimatePoint's first investment

We completed first investment into new sustainable climate solutions. As a result, and though initially small, ClimatePoint is now an owner in Planty, Evo and Mighty.

The era of destruction or renovation?!

What happens if we don't change how our industries perform? Imagine a world that fails to keep its promise to climate actions and manages to somehow reach the year 2100.

The sustainable finance hairball

Today, a myriad of sustainable finance initiatives, alliances and tools exists. It is difficult to know who’s who and who’s responsible for what. In this article we try to entangle this cluster.

The why?

The journey from the polar sea ice to climate finance and Climate Compensation 2.0. Our mission is to facilitate impactful climate action, and our ambition is to give businesses the means for climbing the path of a green transformation.

Sustainability & lifecycle thinking

Everything is sustainable nowadays! And if it is not sustainable, then it is at least green, bio-degradable, natural, regenerative, organic... Or so they say. Greenwashing masks efforts and products that are truly sustainable. So, how can we find out if something really is sustainable?

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