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ClimatePoint's first investment

1. October 2021

This week, ClimatePoint passed a massive milestone; we completed our very first investment into new sustainable climate solutions. As a result, and though initially small, ClimatePoint is now an owner in companies like Planty, Evo and Mighty, among others.

ClimatePoints mission is to increase the speed of the green transition, and to allow businesses and others to invest in the solutions needed for a sustainable future. With ClimatePoints investment, the first step has been taken to allow for this to take place.

Through Kale United, ClimatePoint has been able to access 46 companies working for solutions within food and agro technology to come. By improving the availability of plant-based products Kales focus is to make the transition to plant-based lifestyle as easy as possible. The spirit of Kale and its partners is fully aligned with what ClimatePoint aims to do, also in other areas.
Nordic Choice, Sweco and Jernia are three companies that have signed up to the idea of coming together and complete collective investments to areas that a company is not able to solve one its own. As we boldly say on our front page: Amazon can do it, but are you like the rest of us, the size and know-how within the climate investment world, is somewhat limited.
ClimatePoint opens up the world of effective and real climate investments also to smaller companies. With an Advisory Board setting the direction and framework of where green capital ought to be directed, a methodology in development with Leiden University, GL, Cicero, 2.0 LCA and a handful of the leading investment companies globally, the threshold and the safety in climate investments is being made accessible to those that just want to be part of the solutions of tomorrow, but doesn't necessarily have the know-how.
ClimatePoint will through the fall of 2021 increase its rate of investments, both in the area of food and agrotech, but also within Circular Economy as well as Building and construction. Are you a company that wants to think differently about climate and how you can use your sustainability measures more efficiently for your business? Do not hesitate reach out to anyone in the ClimatePoint team to see how we can get you started. Even if you're not Amazon.
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