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What we expect of our clients

2. November 2021

Ok, we admit it: our selection process for investee companies is rather rigorous. But we have to do that to ensure that we together can push for the restructuring of our economy. And it does not stop there. Our clients too must be serious about the challenge at hand. So, what do we need from and expect of our clients?

First off, we want our clients to know how big their carbon footprints really are. Some of them may keep emission accounts. Others not. Those who do not have a clue of how big their footprints are nor where their emission hotspots are we connect with one of our partners. These partners provide greenhouse gas accounting tools for companies of all sizes. So, it does not matter if our clients are a multinational construction business or a single-office law firm – our partners offer the right tools for the right company.

Knowledge of their own emission accounts is crucial for our clients to set emission reduction strategies. The critical point is now that there will be unavoidable, residual emissions throughout their value chains. These are the emissions that we want to help reduce through our platform.
While knowledge of the current corporate emissions is certainly useful, we encourage our clients to also have a look into the future and set emission reduction strategies and to play by the rules. That is, encourage our clients to:

If you want to learn more about why this is relevant and how we connect our clients with our investees reach out.

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